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sell.out    saves EP
© 2001
produced by michael marciano and pist*on

sell.out    sell.out
© 1999 mayhem records, ltd.
produced by daniel rey
number one (atl)    number one
© 1997 atlantic recording corporation
produced by josh silver
number one    number one
© 1996 futurist label group
produced by josh silver
guest appearances

   type o negative - october rust
© 1996 roadrunner records
val ium sings on "in praise of bacchus"

aggro-active tuneup 1    aggro-active tuneup #1
© 1996 the album network
contains "grey flap"
none more black    none more black
© 1996 metal sammer
contains "turbulent"
fierce    fierce recordings sampler
© fierce recordings
contains "grey flap" and "parole"
metal massacre xii    metal massacre xii
© 1995 metal blade records
contains "exhume her"

urine the money    urine the money
© 1993 cobra music/bmi
produced by josh silver
first demo    first pist*on demo
© 1993 lack o sleep music
(notice the spelling of the band name)

   wee ep
© music for nations
promotional ep
   "grey flap" single
© atlantic records
atlantic pressing of the single
   "grey flap" single
© 1997 mayhem/fierce
original pressing of the single

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