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pistonline.com is dedicated to the memory of steven m. mcnabb (1978-2004)
the long and short of it is, back in august of 1997, steve's band clad was playing the stone pony with, among others, pist*on. his bandmates justin roxas and rob eelman hooked me up with tickets, but it was steve who I knew the best. that night, I had missed clad's set, but caught all of pist*on. I took many a picture. I scanned them and put them on the internet, forming the basis for one of my earliest websites. I filled the site out with as much information as I could find or steal.

in february of 1998, val*ium and henry offered to make my site the band's new official site. metal magazines had already started listing my site under their long lists of band sites. by the end of that year, the new site was up under the name pistarmy.com.

in direct reponse to this, I switched my major from chemical obscuria to computer science. I managed to graduate on time. I found a good job within two months of graduation. things started working out.

the band started to shake apart. val*ium departed in august 2001, and the band shifted into unofficial hiatus. pistarmy.com, and the band, has been idle since.


this site is for you, buddy. one of the lessons I learned in college was to that if you're happy where you are today, it doesn't matter what happened to get you there; all of it was necessary to get you to that very moment, and if you are happy today, that's all that you need to worry yourself with. I won't sit here and dishonor your memory by puffing up or playing down the roles had in my life ... but I will say, this website (and its previous incarnations) brought me into contact with val*ium and henry, and from there my life changed dramatically. this is not a subtle observation, this is a bonafide fact.

and to that, I say, I like where my life has ended up, and you played some strange yet completely irreplaceable parts in creating that life, whether you meant to or not. I am just very sad it took something like this ... something like seeing a picture of you and the rest of clad with the members of pist*on at a funeral ... to make me realize it.

rest and be well.

- adrian breeman
august 2004

p.s. I still think elway sucks. :-D
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